High 14-3-3η Amplifies the Risk of Rapid Radiographic Progression

In a study of over 800 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, presented this week at the Canadian Rheumatology (CRA) Association Meeting, it was shown that a positive 14-3-3η blood test amplified the risk of rapid joint damage progression when added to current measures. The principal investigator of this study, Dr. Gilles Boire, Professor in the Division of Rheumatology of the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Sherbrooke says, “We need predictive markers to assist us with identifying the patients who are at the greatest risk of radiographic progression so that we can manage them as tightly as possible to limit irreversible joint damage and improve their long term outcomes. I am not aware of any other combination of biomarkers, without 14-3-3η, that are as good at predicting impending rapid progression. The negative impact of elevated 14-3-3η on radiographic outcomes is seen in very recent-onset poly-arthritis patients as well as in RA patients with established disease.”

The 14-3-3η blood test is available in the U.S through Quest Diagnostics, Labcorp, and RDL Reference Laboratory. JOINTstat (14-3-3η) is CE marked and TGA approved for clinical use in Europe and Australia. In Canada, the test is available through LifeLabs and in Japan through Medical & Biological Laboratories (MBL).

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