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Augurex develops biomarkers that transform patient clinical management for better disease outcomes by helping diagnose patients, whom when identified can be promptly treated. By biologically informing a clinical assessment, biomarkers optimize patient management by personalizing clinical decision-making.

Translational and Transformational
Augurex is a collaboration-driven, biomarker-evidence based biotechnology company. Privately held, we began our research programs in 2008 focused on the 14-3-3η protein, a novel biomarker involved in the joint damage process, with current applications in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). From this initial basic research, a portfolio of 14-3-3η-centric clinical programs emerged, that is unveiling the potential of this previously unfamiliar factor in autoimmunity, and transforming the management of RA.

Clinical studies have been conducted in over 3000 patients, published in over 50 conference proceedings and five medical articles in high-impact peer-reviewed rheumatology journals, describing the clinical applications of 14-3-3η. Available as a diagnostic test, the first of the biomarker portfolio, the 14-3-3η protein assay is Health Canada approved as an IVD offered by Dynacare and provided as a laboratory-developed test in the United States through Labcorp and other CLIA certified laboratories.

The key to Augurex’s successful advancement of 14-3-3η programs has been collaborations with top-tier international scientific and clinical researchers. Our guiding principle is to work with experts in their respective areas along the continuum of studies from design to data analysis and publication to address important clinical unmet needs in well-characterized cohorts.

Biomarker-Evidence Based
Conducting basic science and clinical research in a previously unstudied area requires a commitment to evidence-based and open-minded evaluation of new, and potentially unexpected findings, to direct the continued research path. Our motto at Augurex has been to “let the biomarkers do the talking”. With well-designed studies and perspectives from world-wide experts, this approach has revealed 14-3-3η research avenues into multiple auto-immune disease applications across the product portfolio.

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