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14-3-3η: Raising the Bar for
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Augurex is transforming health management through
biologically-informed, integrated digital solutions.

What we believe

People are taking unprecedented control of their health and disease management. Innovative technology that connects patients to their clinicians and various credible information sources is allowing individuals to take control of their own health. Through a combination of remote and in-person expert clinician oversight people can successfully take a preventative approach to their health while ensuring their best outcomes in clinical care.

The life sciences industry is undergoing a data-driven transformation. With rapid technology advancements, utilization of data and the breadth of its applications in the healthcare system we will reach unprecedented coordination of care for people preventing and fighting disease.

Data integration and exchange between expert clinicians and patients is critical: the whole is greater than the sum of the connected parts for optimal healthcare.

Doing our part

Augurex has a responsibility to bring its innovations closer to the patient.

We are enabling near-patient clinical decisions through near-patient proprietary blood testing that connects with disease specific applications and electronic health records. Robust, connected, rapid near-patient testing provides immediate, actionable results at each juncture where clinical decisions should be made.

Integrating results through digital applications will streamline care and improve outcomes.

How it works

Starting with rheumatoid arthritis we work with worldwide opinion leaders to solve early diagnosis and referral problems.

Across autoimmune and chronic conditions our near-patient tests and digital health solutions enable tight disease control to reduce the social and economic burden of disease.

We keep people healthy with predictive biomarkers and best-in-class integrated solutions. Digital applications are transforming the ability to empower patients to participate actively in their own care, with a greater focus on well-being, to prevent disease, to predict the most appropriate treatment and to personalise the management of long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Our People

From the laboratory bench, through to clinical development and commercialization, the Augurex team has the core competencies to advance transformational biomarkers to the clinic.

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Our Company

Augurex develops biomarkers that transform patient clinical management for better disease outcomes.


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Our Science

Augurex’s autoimmune portfolio centers on the novelty that the 14-3-3η protein, which is normally inside of cells, is released into the extracellular space where it perpetuates disease processes.

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Biomarkers are substances in the body that inform patient conditions and assist with early diagnosis, optimization of treatment and disease monitoring. Extracellular 14-3-3η (eta) protein represents Augurex’s first commercialized blood test and also serves as a drug target for the personalized treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A novel 14-3-3η-centric autoimmune portfolio has emerged from this transformational biomarker, forming the basis of Augurex pipeline research. The key to our success is based on collaborations with international opinion-leading scientists to advance our research programs and commercialization relationships with innovative lab services companies who ensure that our products reach clinicians and patients who can benefit from them.

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