Explaining The “Why”; 14-3-3η’s Biological Role As A Basis For Its Clinical Utility

Vancouver, BC – June 13, 2017. At the annual European congress of rheumatology meeting, The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), taking place in Madrid, Spain on June 14-17, investigators present the continued understanding of 14-3-3η’s role in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease biology.

“With the growing use of the 14-3-3η JOINTstat™ blood test, we continue to focus on researching the biological basis for the clinical utility that the biomarker imparts”, says Dr. Anthony Marotta, Augurex Chief Scientific Officer. While the 14-3-3η protein plays a critical role in RA by upregulating many harmful factors that perpetuate disease, new aspects relating to its function in joint remodelling have been studied and will be presented at EULAR.

List of 14-3-3η EULAR 2017 Conference Proceedings

Title Date & Time
14-3-3η as a Novel Invadasome Regulatory Molecule in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Authors: Catherine Lalanne, Roxane R Lavoie, Martine Charbonneau, Jane Savill, Anthony Marotta, Claire Dubois
Poster Number: FRI0004
June 16th, 11:45am
Poster session II
Elevated 14-3-3η Levels Predict Worse Radiographic Outcomes in Patients with Recent-Onset Inflammatory Arthritis in Clinical Remission
Authors: Nathalie Carrier, Marie-Pierre Garant, Anthony Marotta, Artur Jose De Brum Fernandes, Patrick Liang, Ariel Masetto, Yuan Gui, Jane Savill, Sara Michienzi, Walter P Maksymowych, Gilles Boire
Poster Number: FRI0047
June 16th, 11:45am
Poster session II
14-3-3η Predicts Joint Damage Progression and Flaring After Adalimumab Discontinuation
Authors: Shintaro Hirata, Anthony Marotta, Kenatro Hanami, Yoshiya Tanaka
Poster Number: SAT0062
June 17th, 10:15am
Poster session III
Multicenter 14-3-3η Biomarker Reproducibility; the Japanese Experience
Authors: Shinatro Hirata, Makoto Kaneda, Takuya Isayama, Yuan Gui, Anthony Marotta, Walter P Maksymowych, Yoshiya Tanaka
Poster Number SAT0622
June 17th, 10:15am
Poster session III

Data have been previously presented describing 14-3-3η expression pre-RA as a predictor of arthritis development, its complementarity to RF and anti-CCP for diagnosis and its dynamic nature over time supporting the clinical usefulness of serial 14-3-3η testing to inform treat-to-target strategies. Additional data will be presented at EULAR underscoring its role as a joint damage marker and predictor of flare and radiographic progression in patients who achieve clinical remission.

Under the registered trade name JOINTstat™, the 14-3-3η test is available in Canada through LifeLabs, is distributed in Japan by MBL (Medical & Biological Laboratories), available for clinical use in Europe, Australia and in the US as an LDT through Labcorp (Laboratory Corporation of America) and RDL Reference Laboratory.