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Augurex / JOINTstat®

JOINTstat® is the brand name for the blood test that quantifies the levels of
14-3-3η protein in patients with a suspected RA diagnosis.

United States (US)
In the US, the 14-3-3η blood test is available for clinical use through Quest Diagnostics, and Labcorp  as an RA diagnostic panel including RF and anti-CCP and as a standalone test to facilitate 14-3-3η serial measurements for ongoing patient management.
JOINTstat® is Health Canada approved for clinical use and available from Dynacare. For additional information and instructions on how to order the test please contact the Dynacare National Speciality Service Support team at 1-888-988-1888 or email DyncareGenetics@dynacare.ca.
Europe & Other Regions
To access JOINTstat® in Europe and other regions please email info@augurex.com.

For further information on JOINTstat®, please visit JOINTstat.com.
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