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14-3-3η Protein: Extracellular 14-3-3η Perpetuates Disease

Extracellular 14-3-3η protein is a potent ligand and activator of intracellular signalling pathways that lead to the up-regulation of inflammation and joint damage factors involved in RA pathogenesis. The 14-3-3η blood test is clinically available as a diagnostic test whereby a positive result indicates a 5 to 50 times greater likelihood of having RA and informs joint damage prognosis and disease monitoring. 14-3-3η is used alone, or in combination with other serological tests and clinical assessment to support RA patient management.

Ordering a test

In the US, the 14-3-3η blood test is available for clinical use through Quest Diagnostics, and LabCorp  as an RA diagnostic panel including RF and anti-CCP and as a standalone test to facilitate 14-3-3η serial measurements for ongoing patient management.



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